Rain Cloak for Hærvejen, 2010
The Hærvej Project 2010. ‘The rain cloak is shaped as a long piece of cloth
of breathable micro polyester with a mail collar and a conical hood. It protects
against water and wind, has an extra extension for backpacks and an integrated
reflector tag. Even though the rain cloak is a modern piece of clothing, it
functions as a medieval sign in the landscape, when you wear it. As a thing
for the trip. As a sign of the trip. As a memory of the trip’.

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Developed in collaboration with The Danish Art Foundation,
H2O Sportswear, Rikke Jersø, A2/SW/HK, Marina Lundquist,
Maria Rathsach and Dan Holmgren.
Circulation: 400 copies

Photo: Jeppe Gudmundsen Holmgreen
Link: www.statenskunstfond.dk
Link: www.haervejen.dk
Link: www.h20-sportswear.com
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